The Vintage Model Company VMC Pilot KIT 483mm
The Vintage Model Company VMC Pilot KIT 483mm
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Codice Articolo: 179816
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The Vintage Model Company VMC Pilot KIT 483mm

Codice articolo: 179816

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Easy to build, traditional flying fun

The VMC Pilot is a high wing cabin sports model designed for fun flying. This is not a scale model based on a real (or what modellers call the ?prototype?) aircraft, but is designed purely as a flying model. Sports models come in many guises and are often flown in competitions that are purely about flying duration, with many different sets of rules and regulations governing their size and shape. Often these models bear no resemblance to a real aircraft at all, with thin tubular fuselages, no undercarriage and very long thin wings.

Kit content

  • Three balsa sheets with precise laser cut parts and strip wood
  • PVA glue for building the wooden frames
  • One Ø 150mm plastic propeller
  • Pre-bent motor hook and shaft
  • Three low friction plastic nose bushings - one for the propeller and two for the undercarrage and tail wheel legs
  • Vaccuum formed canopy and spinner
  • Piano wire for the main undercarriage and tail wheel legs
  • Motor peg
  • Rubber motor strip
  • Tissue to cover the model
  • Parts reference sheet
  • Full size summary plan sheet
  • Scheme diagram sheet
  • Scheme markings


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