grandangolo 2.1mm per camera CCTV
grandangolo 2.1mm per camera CCTV
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Codice Articolo: AR-680032
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grandangolo da 2.1 mm

per camera CCTV

Features: Monofocal Fixed Iris Lenses are commonly used for doom and bullet cameras. This type of fixed iris lenses with fixed focal length are the least expensive and most commonly used in CCTV cameras. These lenses are factory set for a fixed focal length to achieve the optimal field of view. As lens focal length increases, the field of view narrows and distant objects are more define. All "Fixed Iris Lenses" are normally used in constant lighting conditions, such as indoors. High Quality Glass Lenses High Grade Metal Barrel Wide Angle View 100% QC Inspected 1 Year Warranty Specifications: Angle of View (AOV): 150 Focal Length: 2.1mm Iris Type: Fixed Lens Type: Fixed Focal Aperture: F2.0 Lens Mount: M12x0.5 Board Image Size: 1/3" or 1/4" format weight:9g


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